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The Check-In

The Check-In

and becoming a multidimensional psychedelic octopus

One of the most basic ways I use meditation is to check in with myself. What’s happening under the surface that I’m not aware of? So much. Maybe a subtle emotion I hadn’t realized is there, or a particular looping preoccupation, or a background sense of uneasiness, or willfulness, or conviction, or… something!

 Illustration by community member David Kantrowitz

This is Mindfulness 101. Checking in with ourselves for a few minutes, noticing what’s here. It helps us dis-embed and get space, so we’re no longer acting from inside these patterns, but rather we’re in relationship with them. They are now part of the big 360° inner and outer reality of who we are and what is here. From this place, we can learn to maintain a kind of double-consciousness - aware of both inside and out, stretched like a psychedelic octopus across multiple dimensions of experience. This is an excellent place to squiggle-dance with life.

Let’s try it.

Good to be back with you friends!

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Welcome JF Martel, filmmaker, writer, and cohost of the superb podcast, Weird Studies. Sometimes, we have a guest who really gets the spirit of what we’re up to here at the Mind Bod Pod… JF is one such guest. He full-on designed a practice for us based on his love of old-school, Dungeons-and-Dragons-style role-playing games… the kind that (in JF’s words) “usually happen in dank basements.”

That’s right, in this week’s episode, JF is our Dungeon Master!

“Your feet touch down on a forest path, climbing up a wooden hill …”

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