Home Base with Jeff Warren
Home Base with Jeff Warren
Finding Ground

Finding Ground

Everything inside it might be changing, but the big container of being always stays the same.

Life has been intense and challenging lately. There’s a lot going on that has thrown off our little family’s well-being. I tried writing about it for a Home Base post, when I remembered my friend

’s wise words: “Teach from your scars, not your wounds.” Yes. I need some distance in order to figure out what the heck is happening in the first place!  

With my son, Eden

To that end, I’ve made the decision to take a short four-week break from publishing new Home Base meditations. This will allow me to focus my energy on finding the right support for my family. I’m loving this community – thank you to each one of you for subscribing and helping it grow. Expect many more meditations in the months to come. 

In the meantime, there will still be a signal here. In the next couple weeks, I’ll be doing my first Ask-Me-Anything Zoom community hang out for paid subscribers. Expect a mix of guided practice, discussion, and all-purpose cosmic tomfoolery. Date and time will be announced soon. Also, Home Base’s editor

will be posting a few fun discussion threads over the coming week, another opportunity to connect during this pause.

I wanted to leave you with a simple and sustaining meditation that you can return to. Much of what I address at Home Base is how to work with hard emotions, with trauma, with neurodiverse minds and challenging external situations. All the things.

But of course, meditation is also about peace and support. It is about orienting to what’s below our surface thoughts and feelings, to something more fundamental. Call it awareness or mystery, Being or love. Call it ground. I hope it grounds you.

Thank you again for your ongoing support – it’s what allows me to take breaks in the first place! Your kindness and understanding mean a lot. Take care of yourself, your family and your community, as best you can.  

Much love,



“The issue of suffering is a simple case of mistaken identity,” says our guest Loch Kelly. By this, he means the you that is thinking about you, is not the real you! Then who is it, you ask? 

This episode – a delicious tongue-twister of the mind – really should be watched on video, since Loch’s gestures and body language are part of his teaching. 

Plunge with us through the layers of mind and reality to a place / non-place that is “so close you can’t see it, so simple you can’t believe it, so wordless you can’t know it and so fucking good you can’t accept it.” Except with less swearing.

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