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Little Good Things

Little Good Things

Slow down. Pause. Sink in.

“Discovering real goodness comes from appreciating very simple experiences.” 
- Chogyam Trungpa

Sun of my face today. Pause. Just a few beats. God that feels good.

Little good things.

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Sometimes it’s all you can manage.

These two minutes, right here. On my back next to a park bench. Feeling the sponginess of the grass. Aware suddenly of the solidness of the earth, like I’m lying on the shoulders of an underground mountain.



Not overriding – not moving on to the next thing. Staying right here. The good thing has already showed itself. It’s fully formed. Pause. Recognize. Sink in.

Little good things.

Wind in the trees.

Green shimmer through the grass.

That small act of kindness – right there, the way she opened the door for him.

Kids laughing as they kick the ball.

The perfect shine on that Buick.

Grinning gargoyle carved into a roof gutter.

Little good things.

Pause. Recognize. Sink in.

Here is a meditation about doing just that.


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We’re joined by Jamie Pabst, founder and CEO of Spiritune, a music therapy app that supports people’s mental health. Spiritune makes explicit what most of us know implicitly: music can shift our emotional and cognitive state.

What does “clinical-grade music” sound like? We listen to two 3-minute tracks, the first designed to move us from anxious to peaceful and the second from lethargic to victorious.

A true exploration of consciousness! Thank you Jamie!

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